Jewellery is a Necessity, Not a Luxury

Do people really need jewellery? We all need pleasure and joy in our lives. Of all the things available to give pleasure and joy, nothing lasts as long or does the job as powerfully and consistently as jewellery.
If you need a lift and go out for dinner and a movie or remodel your house, or buy a new car, you will probably get the lift you need. These things and others work very well, but they don't last.
A fine piece of jewellery does the same job of giving you a lift - often more effectively, since you get to enjoy it more intimately by wearing it right on your body. Jewellery makes you feel good when you put it on and again every time someone sees it and compliments you about it. And that's every time they see you, wherever you go.
How long does this wonderful feeling continue? Virtually forever, with only a little care and maintenance. In fact, your children and grandchildren may enjoy the same lift and joy daily, with no further investment.
How much would you be willing to pay for a beautiful car that your grandchildren can still drive in 100 years? Is a car still as gorgeous and dependable as the day you bought it?
A car like that would be worth a lot. But we spend many thousands of dollars maintaining it and keeping it on the road each year.
Yet, how much does a fine piece of jewellery cost? Maybe only thousands of rupees.
We all need joy and pleasure in our lives, So we are not only selling a necessity but a very important and prestigious necessity. Is jewellery a good investment? The answer is: there is no finer investment in the joy of good living!
There are many more people on earth who wants to buy jewellery but are not ready to buy it because of their responsibilities & pressure of work. But somewhere they are killing their themselves buy not buying their favourite thing. Its causes to lack of happiness of them. So they are loosing their joy of life. That’s why jewellery is the necessity for the joy of life.  
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